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Mission Statement

Run Ozaukee is an independent non-profit club designed for people who want to make running a part of their lifestyle, have fun and achieve personal goals along the way.

  1. Provide camaraderie and support for all levels of runners.
  2. Provide weekly structured training runs and fun runs.
  3. To assist with personal goal setting.
  4. To help ALL LEVELS of runners set and attain a running routine that will work for them.

Saturday morning runs begin at 7:00am. If you would like to start earlier or later feel free to send out an e-mail and see who is interested. Ocassionaly we will meet in Port Washington "meet at the marina..." we will send out a specific e-mail for Port Washington runs, otherwise "meet at the bridge..." Saturday long runs can be whatever distance you choose, there is always someone to run with no matter what distance or pace. Don't forget after running we generally meet at a coffee house for tall tales and comaraderie.

Tuesdays Standing weekly run is Tuesday night, "meet at the bridge..." at 6:00pm. Various distances and pace. Each run includes runners of all levels, from those who run at a 10-12 minute mile pace to those who run at 7-8 minute mile pace. Run Ozaukee will always make sure you have someone to run with regardless of your running level! Come and join for a good run and good fun!

"Meet at the Bridge..." -- Cedarburg, we will meet at the bridge just off of Washington Ave accross the street from the community center.
Meet at the Marina..." -- Port Washington, we will meet near the charter boat docks on the west side of the marina directly behind Smith Bros. building.